In 1980 Garry Santaniello and Gary Kakley met through drummer, Steve Jackson. Garry S. played guitar then and they jammed a few times. Garry S. went on to play in a new wave band and Gary K. continued playing cover tunes. A few years passed and in 1985 Gary K. and Garry S. got together with Jack Cennamo and formed the band Hot Trax which lasted about 2 years. In 1987 John Foster replaced Jack on drums. Stan Kubik came aboard as stage manager. This line-up lasted until 1989 when Bill Bursztyn joined as drummer and John Foster moved to keyboards. The band changed their name at that point to Full House. A year later the band became known as the TimeTrippers. Gary Kakley left the band in 1991 and Joe Blair replaced him on guitar. Marty Kszepka joined the band as sound engineer. In 1994 John Foster left the band and Gary Kakley came back. In 1997 Garry Santaniello left the band and was replaced by Bob Boyd on bass. That line-up remained until 2001 when Garry Santaniello returned on the bass. In 2004 Joe Blair and Bill Bursztyn left the band. John Kelly joined on drums. In 2006 Joe Blair returned and Johnny Mac joined on drums. That is the line-up as of today.

Gary Kakley continues to play his Fender Stratocaster
Joe Blair continues to play his Gibson Les Paul
Garry Santaniello is playing his fourth Rickenbacker after going through 16 basses
Johnny Mac continues to play his Pearl Export drums
The TimeTrippers

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